(2016-today) senior software engineer at DILAX Intelcom GmbH
42reports got acquired by DILAX Intelcom GmbH. There we take the retail analytics to the next level in the newly founded Team Tracking solutions. With a new dedicated production department I extended my rapid firmware installation system to support firmware updates and inventory management (Device and Accessoire registration, traffic light feedback system). The firmware got some updates: data compression and reduction for the WiFi sensor firmware (C, zlib, deflate, bitpacking), scalable signed remote configuration and updates (AWS S3, signify, Shell, python). More automation of workflows for customer onboarding (Django, python) and support. WiFi-supported customer counting analysis for public mobility. Training, sales and project support for the WiFi based retail analytics product for Sales and Project Managers in Europe. Wrote a few tools to automated production workflows to speed up the number of produced devices (c++, qt, serialport, riotjs, raspberrypi, 802.11). Wrote a lte modem controller the embedded people counting unit (c++, boost, zeromq).

(2019) CMMI appraisal team member certification
Passed the required Introduction to CMMI-DEV 1.3 course to be part of the CMMI appraisal team. The appraisal team coordinates the company certifcation process (SCAMPI) to certify compliance with a given CMMI level. The appraisal helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of organizational processes.

Joined forces with Telekom engineers to participate at the #dthack18 Trackathon - WiFi Smart City. Our solution showed a technical architecture to measure to cities mobility flow and real time demo. We made the first place out of the nine teams. (openwrt, 802.11s, batman-adv, c++, libpcap, mosquitto/mqtt, radiotap, 802.11)

(2018) ISTQB Technical test analyst certification from gasq Service GmbH
Passed another ISTQB level examination to acknowledge the deep technical understanding of test- and development processes.

(2017) ISTQB Foundation level certification from gasq Service GmbH
I took the exam for the ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation level and passed it successfully. The certification acknowledges the practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing.

(2013-2016) developer at and cofounder of 42reports GmbH
In march 2013 CW and me started projectGo, a retail analytics service for counting customers based on WiFi signal. Later this year, the project turned into the startup 42reports GmbH. I became technical co-founder right out ot university. In those days I wrote the first OpenWRT based firmware for our WiFi sensor product (OpenWRT, C, cURL, TPACKET_V3). After the sensor was working reliably, my focus shifted on web development powered by pythons mighty Django framework. My main contribution in the early days was the development of horizontal scalable sensor data collection and storage (Tornado, Pika, Rabbitmq, Postgresql, AWS) system architecture. With the increasing product demand I developed a rapid firmware installation system (Flask, Paramiko, cURL, VLAN). Next to data analysis, third party sensor integration with well known hardware vendors, I worked on various demand-driven features from frontend (React, Angular) to backend (Django, Postgresql). The startup was acquired by DILAX Intelcom GmbH in April 2016.

I worked for a research group called Berlin Open Wireless Lab. We operated a minor smoketest testbed for teaching, two floor-wide indoor WiFi testbed and a large campus-wide outdoor testbed. I was hired to develop the Web-Control Management solution for the existing ruby-based client server CLI-management solution for OpenWRT based Routers (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Shell, OpenWRT). The solution allowed students and researchers to customize the testbed for their needs, while keeping the network operational (being available, providing HotSpot access for regular students) all the time. My tasks also included Testbed maintenance and extension (>100 routers), maintenance and development of the OpenWRT based Distribution, system administration (mainly XEN, KVM virtual machines, 802.1x, DHCP, Nagios) and collaboration with researchers and Bsc./Msc./PhD students.

(today) study compsci at Berlin Institute of Technology
Focus on communication networks and embedded systems. Evaluated metrics for WiFi and 3G coverage measurements: Development of a smartphone app and field experiment on the university campus (Android, IEEE8021X, DHCP, IEEE80211, UMTS/EDGE). Detour into Content Centric Network by van Jacobsen (CCN) and later Software Defined Networks (SDN). Embedded development for ARM-based boards (Hardware Synthesis, ARM-Asm, C, PID-Controller). Economic focus on IT Service Management (ITIL) and Entrepreneurship with focus on e-business ideas.

(2007-2013) freifunker
Development of a monitoring, ranking system and map for the freifunk community routers (Ruby on Rails, OpenLayers). Maintainer of Piratenfreifunk OpenWRT packages (Lua, OpenWRT, Shell).

(2009) volunteer at national HQ of the pirate party germany

(2007-2009) study comp enginerring at Berlin Institute of Technology

(2006-2007) draftee in german armed forces

(2004-2007) volunteer at the youth club C.O.R.N. in Birkenwerder
Organization of OpenAir concerts, various cultural activities and projects. System Administration (Windows, Linux, Networking, Proxies, Parental filters).

(2004-2006) Regine Hildebrandt secondary school in Birkenwerder
Extracurricural activies ranged from organizing discussions with local policians over creating the school-wide newspaper to development of supporting IT tools for teachers (Delphi).

(~2001) work for NetCircuit GmbH in Oranienburg
IT Service Support. Development of a PHP-based online shop from scratch (PHP, HTML, CSS).

(1998-2004) Marie Curie secondary school in Hohen Neuendorf

(1992-1998) Pestalozzi primary school in Birkenwerder


Fischer, Thorsten and Hühn, Thomas and Kuck, Robin and Merz, Ruben and Schulz-Zander, Julius and Sengul, Cigdem (2011). Experiences with BOWL: Managing an Outdoor WiFi Network (or How to Keep Both Internet Users and Researchers Happy? Proceedings of the 25th Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA '11), 287-292.

Kuck, Robin (2012), WiFi/3G Coverage Analysis of BOWL at the TU-Berlin campus study project at BOWL (Android, IEEE8021X, DHCP, IEEE80211, UMTS/EDGE)