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How I made the static html of basicinside.de more dynamic using Jekyll.
Dec 25, 2015

Jekyll is a Ruby application. It generates html static sites based on dynamic content. You can write blog posts using the markdown markup language or nearly any other templating language.

A static site generated with Jekyll can easily be hosted as a github page. This saves precious hosting costs, but you have rely on github being reachable and not suffering from any DDos attack.

I used an ansible recipe to automatically deploy my static page in the past already. To deploy the Jekyll generated content, I just need change the source folder.

This is my ansible recipe to deploy the code:

- hosts: basicinside.de
  sudo: yes
   - docroot: /var/www/
   - name: Install Apache2
     apt: pkg=apache2 state=installed update_cache=true
     register: apache2_installed

   - name: Create Web Root
     when: apache2_installed|success
     file: dest="" mode=775 state=directory owner=www-data group=www-data
     register: webroot_installed

   - name: Sync Web Root
     when: webroot_installed|success
     sudo: no
     synchronize: src="./jekyll/_site/" dest="" rsync_path="sudo rsync"

You can find the most recent version on the basicinside.de github repo.