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Check out how we assembled 50 raspberry pis
Jan 16, 2016

For an industrial item-tracking project, we had to assemble 50 Raspberry Pis.

My friend and coworker Robin, who shares my awesome first name, made a video of it:

The steps involved were:

1) Unpacking the box (board, enclosure)
2) Glueing the cooling units on the USB controller and SoC
3) Mounting the board in the enclosure
4) Mounting the screws in the enclosure
5) Unpacking and connecting the WiFi dongle

The whole process took us around half an hour in real time.

If you want to see more videos of Raspberry Pis and what you can do with them. I'd recommend to check out the blog of Robin Henniges .

EDIT: Here is the amazon link for the Raspberry Pi enclosure .