(2017) docker-lede-firmwarebuilder - Firmware builder for lede firmware images
Tired of the complicated way to build lede images for specific platforms on dedicated OSX Volumes, I spend one weekend getting a bit more familiar with docker. The outcome is a docker recipe to easily develop and build lede firmware images. (Docker, LEDE)

(2016-2017) FinanceBuddy - A personal stock crawler and portfolio manager.
The core is written in Django. It allows me to manage my portfolio to analyse its loss, revenue and dividends. The stocks and funds are tracked over time. The data is managed in a nicely customized django admin backend. It has a QT Desktop application as well, that renders some database entries. It is not published yet. (Django, QT)

(2015) playing around with nrf51822
Playing around with the nordic nrf51822 ble module on a BLE 400 development kit. (ARM, BLE, C)

This showcases the control socket usage for tornado webservers running asynchonously. (Python, tornado)

usb-ctrl - control and detect power settings for usb hubs and reset usb devices.
channel-switcher - periodically switch WiFi channels fast and accurately timed. (OpenWRT, C, USB, IEEE80211, NetLink)

My xmas-tree submission in r/dailyprogrammer. There is a bigger pile of submissions and code challenges (dailyprogrammer, project euler, rosalind) in a hidden private repo. Feel free to ask me for access to it. (C, Shell)

Maintainer of the Piratenfreifunk OpenWRT package feed and organizer of the weekly development meetup. (OpenWRT, Luci, Shell, Lua)

(2011-2012) heartbeat monitor
The successor of the heartbeat_daemon. A highscore platform to receive heartbeats from freifunk routers. It scans for services and exposed routers to map the network in addition to the heartbeats. It comes with a nice map, that allows to measure distances between nodes and look at Link Quality states. (Ruby on Rails, Javascript, OpenLayers, Nmap).

Minetest patches and Die Hard Mod (C++, Lua).

(2011) MCCon
A minecraft console tool. It allows to install plugins into itself. The following plugins are available: Mailbox: Send messages to players, PlayerList: List all players. Teleport: Allow players to teleport themselves to each other. Welcome: Display a welcome message. Whitelist: Read and refresh whitelist from web page.

The initial highscore platform to receive heartbeats from freifunk routers. The newer version is the heartbeat monitor (Ruby on Rails, Javascript).

Connects to fritz box callmonitor and displays notifications on about the caller. It can use a phone book to translate numbers to names (Ruby, Linux, Shell)

(2003) crypttar
Encode and Decode tar archives using a passphrase. The code is lost. I could only find the annoucement thread. (tar, GPG)